“Kim knows how to adjust to your level while ensuring that you continue to improve and get stronger. She is by far the best Pilates teacher whom I have worked with.”
Jane Von Mehren, Brooklyn, NY
“Kim puts her heart and soul into each session.  I’m not vocal, but she knows exactly what’s going on with my body. I look forward to our sessions as a highlight of my week!”
Kai-Ting Yang, Lawyer, New York City
“I hired Kim after having my second baby to help me get my abdominal wall tightened again. In a few sessions, I no longer had the poofy look from an extended muscle wall. Kim is knowledgeable and attentive.”
Nicole Zandoli, Brooklyn, NY


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“Kim instinctively knows what’s going on with my body, so she’s able to challenge it to be stronger and restore it to better form. After a session I feel radiantly happy!  Like, wow, my body was designed to feel this good!”
Kai-Ting Yang, Lawyer, New York, NY
“I started doing Pilates to help my body regain its strength after abdominal surgery. With weekly sessions I am not only stronger in my core but I feel stronger all around, my posture has gotten better and I stand taller and look leaner. I love the one-on-one attention, and knowing that I’m doing the exercises correctly and targeted to my specific needs.”
Denise Velez, New York, NY
“I train in a high intensity contact sport. Cross training with Pilates has been a game changer in helping me understand my body. Not only is it a great workout, but also helps me focus my mind.”
Faye Farreles, New York City
“I had terrible back pain from a habit of hiking one side of my pelvis higher than the other. The training taught me healthier ways of walking and managing my posture in daily life. She does all this with good humor, keen attention and kindness.”
Diane Himmelbaum, Age 73, Artist and Educator, Brooklyn, NY
I am back to walking with ease. I stand taller and breathe deeper, thanks to Kim and her very skilled, supportive work.”
Mary Sochet, Age 76, Writer, New York City
“Kim entered the lives of the children at the United Nations International School as an artist-in-residence. I will never forget her first class. Her assignment was to have 20 nine year olds create a dance representing the rainforest of Cameroon. No small task!

Soliciting the children’s ideas, monkeys were leaping, snakes were wreathing, birds soared and chirped and dancing vines wove their way throughout the landscape. By the day of the performance, Kim’s masterful choreography netted a delightful, unified performance while honoring each child’s imaginary movements.

Kim’s presence nurtured a calm learning environment while inspiring a joyful and creative atmosphere. Every child was engaged.”

Joan Litman, Music Faculty (Emerita), United Nations International School, NYC

“Kim’s disciplined approach to helping me control my hyper flexibility has allowed me to gain both strength and stability. Her individualized attention helped me focus on areas I needed to work on. She is constantly coming up with new ideas and has a great trial and error mentality, since all exercises do not work for all people. She takes time to understand my needs and goals.”

Kim H., Brooklyn, NY

“I have worked with Kim for three years and am truly a fan. She is a skilled teacher who works with people of all ages and body types. Her expert knowledge of the body and Pilates along with her warm and caring personality keeps me coming back!”

Jennifer W., Librarian, Boston, MA

“No matter how I am feeling or what is happening around me, Kim inspires me to be the best me I can be! She makes me feel as if I am her only client. She teaches me how to help myself by using proper alignment and strengthening my weak areas. Kim has shown me how great I can look and feel with Pilates.”

Ilene Gordon, New York City

“After attending Kim’s workshop on senior fall prevention, I recommended her to a friend’s elderly mother. Kim has been a godsend to this woman. She has begun a new chapter in her life because Kim empowered her to experience her body in a whole new way. I cannot recommend Kim enough.”

Carolyn U., Medical School Candidate, PA

“Even in a group class, Kim was aware of us as individuals with different needs. Her classes definitely helped to strengthen my core and made me more aware of my posture. I now use a foam roller at home, Kim is knowledgeable, personable and has lots of love for what she does!”

“My movements and habits at home and work are more deliberate. I am in touch with my neutral spine and think about how I walk, sit and stand. Kim’s Pilates training has given me more confidence and it pours over into every other part of my life. During and after my Pilates sessions with Kim I feel tension release throughout my body and more importantly, my soul is at peace. I am left with a total feeling of wellness, peacefulness and clarity.”

Ilene Gordon, New York City

“Kim worked with me as a result of a herniated disc injury. Her exercises were key in my recovery. She was always patient and pleasant and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her for both her thorough knowledge of her craft as well as her excellent personality.”

Angel Cancela, New York City

“I had a car accident that led to a herniated disk in my neck, resulting in pain and tightness. I saw various physical therapists, chiropractors and specialists, and then I found Kim. The experience was incredible. Not only did I get stronger — I have less pain and more movement in my neck! I cannot be more grateful to Kim. She takes special care to get to know her patients and treats each one individually knowing exactly which exercises are best for each person.”

Cristina Moyano, New York City

“Kim, your workshop on Senior Fall Prevention was by far one of the best, most useful workshops I have attended. Learning your approach to the body and seeing your creativity in creating functional exercise are inspiring — not only for the elderly population – but for all clients. I cannot thank you enough!”

Nicole G., Pilates Instructor and M.S. Candidate of Exercise Science, New York City

“Kim is special. After working with other Pilates instructors, I realized that Kim is different in helping me understand my body. She gave me special care, as I started with her after a miscarriage, and I continued with her through the beginning of my second pregnancy. Our work brought out an awareness that our body and soul can heal together. Her treatment has been therapeutic, gentle and effective while helping my muscles tone and strengthen. I feel that Kim helped me start on a new path to wellness and that she has walked with me.”

Julia B., New York City

“I attended a Pilates workshop taught by Kim on working with elderly clients. I was blown away by her masterful knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, as well as her specific expertise in approaching elderly, “de-conditioned,” bodies. Kim’s fierce passion for knowledge, paired with her gentleness of spirit, makes her an ideal practitioner, and a teacher’s teacher. I also know that she produces phenomenal results with her clients. After attending her workshop, I recommended her to a friend’s elderly mother. Kim has been a godsend to this woman—she has been empowered to experience her body in a whole new way, and has begun a new and exciting chapter in her life. I cannot recommend Kim enough.”

Carolyn U., Medical School Candidate, PA