“Kim is a skilled teacher who works with people of all ages and body types. Her expert knowledge of the body and warm personality keeps me coming back!”
Jennifer W., Librarian, Boston, MA
“Kim puts her heart and soul into each session. She instinctively knows what’s going on with my body, so she’s able to challenge it to be stronger and restore it to better form. After a session I think, wow, my body was designed to feel this good!”
Kai-Ting Yang, Lawyer, New York, NY
“I am in touch with my neutral spine and think about how I walk, sit and stand. Kim’s Pilates training has given me more confidence and it pours over into every other part of my life.”
Ilene Gordon, New York City


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BodyMoxie is based in New York City but we have instructors located throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Movement is our way of life, not just an after-thought. All of us have the option to make better choices everyday. We know how difficult those options are, though. Sometimes they are almost next to impossible, but that’s where BodyMoxie comes in. We do the work for you. We take your frustrations and pressure of having to do it all on your own by taking you by the hand and guiding you towards a new-found passionate ownership of your health.

We will teach you how to restore your strength, agility and even pain-free movement! That’s a biggie there, isn’t it?

So don’t you think it’s time to free yourself from all of those destructive patterns that have inhibited your incredible potential for so long? We do, but only because we see firsthand the liberating effects that a life of movement has.

I am at your service and would consider it an honor to guide you into your better life by empowering you on your personal journey to reclaim and restore full vitality and energy into your lifestyle.

Fill out the form below by giving me your name, email address and a brief message about your goals for self-improvement, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

You may not be able to do it alone, but we can definitely do it together!


Kim founded BodyMoxie in 2014 with the goal of putting people’s health in their own hands.  Using the Pilates method, she has worked with people from all walks of life,  ranging in age from 15 to 98 years, to help them restore physical agility and mind body awareness.