Hello, beautiful people!

Welcome to my first blog ever!  AHHHH.  And yes, I am writing this from Antibes, France at 3:00 AM because sometimes this is the time of night when the magic happens!  But it’s only 6:00 PM in California, so I feel a little bit better.

I do everything later in life than most people.  So, makes sense that I would start my first blog in 2015.  Next year..errr…month…there will be a new techy thing to do, I will join 12 years later.  Thumbs up for me.

BodyMoxie is a love child conceived out of a combustion of dance love, Joseph Pilates’ brilliance, nerding out on anatomy evolution, illness and health, the drive for adventure and the belief that everyone can live life the way they want.  It has been in the making for many years!

BodyMoxie became an LLC in the state of New York in October, 2014.  Last fall I left New York City to visit my family in Southern California.  We had dinner with our close family friends, the McKenzies.  I’ve known them longer than anyone besides my family and we have celebrated many holidays and non-holidays together.

They had made a BodyMoxie LLC cake for me!  OMG!  It was amazing.  At the time, I was not eating sugar (anti-candida diet – that’s for a later blog) but of course BodyMoxie sugar is totally healthy.  So I ate away.

Thank you to my family (all of them) for starting BodyMoxie off with amazing energy!  The first half of 2015 has been fantastic and I think these good vibes have a lot to do with it.